Domestic Cleaning London

imageMany people are overwhelmed with work and responsibilities and can’t provide the cleaning and household chores on their own.

One of the ways to maintain the hygienic and neat state of your property is to use the services of professional house cleaners. Our staff are experienced, professionally trained, work with advanced machines and high-quality detergents.

They can ensure the pristine state of your home and offer you the help which you need with the domestic work. Contact us over the phone or online to book a meeting with our house cleaners who work in the London territory every day of the week.

Domestic Cleaning Services

  • Regular Cleaning£14/h
  • Weekly Cleaning£14/h
  • Monthly Cleaning£14/h
  • One Off Cleaning£16/h

In the Regular Service we offer weekly, fortnightly or once a mounth sessions in which tasks that are part of the Deep Cleaning can be done occasionally. The cleaning materials for the regular cleaning should be provided by the customer.

Thorough Domestic Cleaning London

The house cleaners in our company apply effective methods for sanitising rooms and implement the housekeeping which the customer needs. They offer:

  • Help with the household work: washing of the dishes, etc.
  • Effective cleaning of every room in the property
  • Washing and disinfecting of the bathroom and toilet
  • Hoovering of the carpets and mopping of the hard floors
  • Washing and rinsing of the internal windows

Use our inexpensive services to keep the rooms in your home rid of the dust, stains, grime, mould, lime-scale and cob-webs.

Our house cleaners who work in the region of London will make sure all rooms are tidy, presentable and in healthy condition by providing the necessary procedures.

    • Expert cleaners
    • Reasonable prices
    • Professional products

    How Domestic Cleaning works

    1. Contact us

      Our cleaners will remove the grease, stains and crumbs from the kitchen and dining room using suitable preparations and de-greasers. They will wash and cleanse the bathroom and toilet, hoover and wipe the dust from the bedrooms, hallways and living areas.

    2. Get a free quote

      Use the professional services of our house cleaners who operate in London and you will live in a healthier and neater home.

    3. Book your cleaning

      Instead of spending your precious time in endless and hard cleaning and household work you can leave it to the professionals in our agency. They have the necessary skills, experience and equipment to provide it and achieve the results every property owner expects. Contact us to book an appointment with our house cleaners.

    What is included in our Domestic Cleaning

    Kitchen, bedroom and other living areas

    • Removing dust and dirt from various surfaces, including shelves, drawers, cabinets, countertops and more
    • Polishing sinks and taps
    • Removing limescale, mould and mildew
    • Removing hard water stains and soap scum
    • Washing windows from inside
    • Washing mirrors and other glass surfaces
    • Emptying trash bins
    • Vacuuming upholstery, carpets, area rugs
    • Sweeping and mopping bare floors
    • Cleaning appliances, plus under and behind them
    • Cleaning behind and under furniture as well
    • Wiping radiators, baseboards, window sills
    • Wiping door knobs, handles, knick-knackery, lampshades, light fittings, light fixtures and similar


    • Removing limescale, mould, mildew, hard water stains and soap scum
    • Removing dust from various surfaces
    • Disinfecting toilets, showers, bathtubs, basins, bidets
    • Polishing sinks and taps
    • Vacuuming area rugs
    • Sweeping and mopping floors
    • Emptying trash bins

    If you are looking for an efficient domestic cleaning service, do not have second thoughts about turning to our company. We have plenty of years of hands-on experience in the cleaning field and our services are popular in the entire area of London.

    If you are interested in using our help, we would be more than happy to come to your rescue. We have proved thousands of times that we are without a rival when it pertains to delivering domestic cleaning services.


    I will be forever thankful for what you have done. Thanks to your help, now our home is spotless and clean. Every room is sparkling! I will surely use your domestic cleaning service again in the near future.

    A friend of mine recommended your domestic cleaning service so I gave it a shot. The housekeepers came on time and did their best to deep clean the whole unit in no time. Now it is shining.

    I am so happy with the outcome of your domestic cleaning session. Every room and area is sparkling, especially the bathroom. I will definitely recommend your domestic cleaning service to friends and family.

    I loved everything about your domestic cleaning service. Not only was it professional but so affordable. The technicians came on time and worked very hard for a couple of hours. I highly recommend the service.

    We take pride in collaborating with true experts who love their job and are well-prepared to deal with anything in order to reach the highest levels of cleanliness.

    In case you are fed up with doing the housework on your own, we are ready to help you. Turn to our company and book our unique domestic cleaning service. We will come to your address exactly at the appointed time. A couple of hours later, we assure you that your home will be looking fantastic again.

    For your convenience, we bring our own cleaning equipment which involves use of nature responsible cleaning products. You can book us from anywhere in London. Call us at your earliest convenience!