Oven Cleaning London

Oven CleaningOvens require regular and thorough sanitising to be in top condition and function properly. We can offer you the oven cleaning which you need in your restaurant, home and rented flat which will save you time, efforts and money.

Our cleaning technicians are qualified and supplied with the latest and most effective preparations, detergents and appliances for de-greasing and sanitising ovens. They have the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to ensure professional and effective oven cleaning which we offer in London seven days per week.

  • Expert cleaners
  • Reasonable prices
  • Professional products

Oven Cleaning

  • Single Oven Cleaning£45
  • Double Oven Cleaning£70
  • Extractor Cleaning£20
  • Cooker Hob Cleaning£23
  • Fridge Cleaning£60

Unsurpassed Oven Cleaning Services

Our cleaning technicians can sanitise ovens in restaurants, pubs, houses, flats and other properties to bring back their spotless and flawless state. Their work includes the following procedures:

  • Inspection of the appliance and dismantling its detachable parts
  • Removing the oven door and glass panels and cleaning them by hand
  • Soaking the racks, trays and other parts in dip tanks with cleaning solution, mounted in our staff’s vehicles
  • Scrubbing, polishing and wiping the oven hobs, body and extractor

The cleaning will be performed whenever it is most convenient to the customer and our staff. It is implemented with detergents, preparations and equipment which are provided by our company.

The detachable components of the appliance will be removed and soaked in the heated cleaning solution in the dip tanks that are mounted in our staff’s vans. It will dissolve the grease, stubborn stains, carbon deposits and burnt food from the racks, trays and shelves.

    How Oven Cleaning Works

    1. Contact us

      The oven glass panels and door will be polished, sanitised and buffed till they become perfectly clear and impeccable. Use our unsurpassed oven cleaning services which we offer to the London residents to maintain your cooking appliances spick and span.

    2. Get a free quote

      Our cleaning technicians use preparations, detergents and de-greasers of excellent quality to sanitise the oven hobs, body and interior. They can complete the work after no more than a few hours.

    3. Book your cleaning

      Get in touch with our call center to book the oven cleaning which you need in or near London and leave the elbow grease to the professionals in our company.

    What is included in our Oven Cleaning

    • Removing all removable parts
    • Clean all removable parts in a dip tank
    • Clean the interior and exterior of the oven, including the door
    • Reassemble and polish the appliance

    Have you been looking for a professional company to which you can entrust your oven for a deep clean? You have come to the right place. Establish contact with us at your earliest convenience. Based in London, our company has grown to become a top provider of reliable oven cleaning services and thousands of people count on us.

    Become our next customer and your oven will be restored to its natural appearance. We cannot wait to hear from you.


    Our oven is looking at its best again and it is all thanks to your technicians. They did the impossible to remove all grease stains, dirt and burnt-on food leftovers. I will definitely use your oven cleaning service again.

    Thank you so much for helping me clean the oven. Now it looks as good as new. Your technicians were so kind, polite and professional. I have already recommended the service to a couple of friends.

    I am so happy I booked your oven cleaning service. Now the oven looks so clean and hygienic – as good as new. I am definitely booking the service again soon.

    The most professional, yet affordable oven cleaning service in the area. The technicians are so friendly, competent and they stop at nothing. They transformed our appliance in no time. Thanks for the assistance.