Feng Shui ideas for a balanced home

Thanks to the Feng Shui techniques, you can easily attract well being and luck at home. The Feng Shui is effective for balancing the good and the bed, the Ing and Yang. The Chinese philosophy believes that the decoration and arranging the items at home in a certain way, could the affect the energy that flows around us and to help us be happier and healthier. Below you can find some useful advices how to guide the energy in you home in a correct direction.

  • Clear the way to your front door. Do not leave anything, that will bother the positive chi to enter your home. This also means that you should not leave any shoes inform of the door.
  • Open daily your windows, in order the sunlight and fresh air to enter your homes. The positive Chi would never enter a home that is always closed.
  • If you still do not grow flowers at home, it is time to start, because accourding to the chinece philosophy, the flowers will bring luck in your home. But keep in mind that you should grow flowers with round leaves, in order to welcome the positive Chi in the room. The plants that are having thorns and spines, are concentrating negative energy.
  • Find some way to light up the dark and long corridors. This will help the positive Chi circulating and not leaving your home.
  • If you are keen about fishes, it is a very good idea to buy yourself and aquarium. The good Chi is getting attracted by the water. A great place to put the aquarium is rught against the front door.
  • One of the main Feng Shui rules is to avoid mixing the water and fire elements. This is the reason why you should avoid placing the fridge, washing machine, dishwasher (all the appliances functioning with water) right oposite the cooker. The negative energy might accumulate a conflicts between your family members.
  • According to Feng Shui its a bad luck to place mirrors against the bed, where you are taking naps or just relaxing. You can put the mirrors in the bathroom, on the wardrobe door and in the kitchen.
  • When you are choosing furniture for your home, you should select such, that are having rond, oval shapes, instead of angular ones with lots of edges. Of course not all the furniture pieces could follow this requirement, however you should keep in mind that the round items are stimulating the positive energy flow.
  • The bathroom is the premise at home that is closest to the Ing element, because of the water that is a significant part of the bath. In order to balance Ing and Yang you may put some candles in the bathroom.