How to inspirit our old furniture

Almost everybody is keeping at home an old piece of furniture, that has become old, neglected and dysfunctional. You can easily inspirit your old furniture just thanks to few tricks we can offer.

In order to bring the old piece of furniture up to a new life, you would mainly need imagination!

Thanks to the correct techniques and some original ideas, you will turn out even the most boring and neglected cupboard into a centre of the room. The easiest and most common method you can use is to mask the old furniture with foil. This is preferable way to fix the old furniture firstly because it is cheap, and secondly – you don’t need much of skills and knowledge in order to manage, you just need to be careful when sticking the foil, and you will be able to achieve some remarkable results.
In certain cases, instead of applying stickers all around, you can just renew the furniture, by stamping them with stickers. On the market, there is a remarkable variety of shapes, colours and materials, that will clearly refresh and renew every old item. If the furniture is upholstered, you may need to re-upholster it, however in this case it is not recommendable to undertake this task alone, but to leave it to the professionals.
Sometimes in order to give the furniture completely new look, you must simply re-paint it. If the colour you’ve chosen is fresh and inspiring, this will ensure a completely new look not only of the item, but also of the whole room. Of course before garbing the brush and the paint can, you should carefully conciser whether the colour you’ve chosen for the furniture will match the other items in the room, where you are planing to place it.

Some pieces of furniture are gaining completely new performance if you simply move them into another room.

A quick example for this is your old dower-chest. You can renovate it and then place it into the seller, where it can host some rarely used items, that are usually gathering dust on the shelves.
Innovative solution would have been if you place the coffer and to use it to put in order different documentations or folders with various notes, receipts and etc.

If placed in the play room, you can paint the coffer in bright, jolly colours and use the different drawers for compartments, where toys, designer parts, pencils and pens, can be stored.

The nightstands could be also extremely functional as well.

After being repainted or redecorated, you can just dissemble the doors of the nightstands and use the cupboards as a stand for favourite books to be read before sleep. Some people would prefer to put the nightstands in the bathroom and to collect in it everything needed for a relaxing bath – candles, aroma cosmetics, towels.

Perfect place for the student desk is the kitchen.

You can paint the desk in suitable colours or to stick down funny stickers that will match the cooking theme. In the drawers you can put the cutlery and in the other compartments you can host different plates, pots, pans etc. On the sides you can hand kitchen towels.

If you have a table on site that you like but you can’t find the use of, there is a solution for this as well. You can shorten its legs and transform it into a comfortable coffee table, or just put it into the playroom, when your child can paint or create stuff on it.

If anyway you are not too keen on such changes at home and you are not eager of redecorating your old furniture, then you can simply get rid of them – you can put them on a sale on line, or you can also arrange a garage sale. The other option is just to give them away for charity.