The secrets of the clean laundry without any chemicals

Long ago the choice of washing detergent is not only related with the efficiency of the detergent and its odour. Nowadays one of the questions that comes to every housewife’s mind when choosing a washing solution is its safety, because as we all know every cleaning solution contains numerous chemicals. Of course the companies producing washing detergents, lead partly by the law restrictions and partly by the market requirements and the trend more eco-friendly and non-toxical solutions to be used, are replacing as much as possible form the chemical ingredients with more natural and safe ones.

Either way, yet on the market there are no completely safe detergents – both for ourselves and for nature. Wearing dirty cloths however is also unacceptable and this is why for the modern person, the washing powder is the necessary evil, you cannot go without. But are the detergents as irreplaceable as we think they are? It seams that after all there are some alternatives available, such as:

  • The soap nuts are fruits of a tree that grows in India and China. The inside husk of the seeds is reach of natural soaps – natural washing substances that do not cause any skin irritation and also fully decompose, being harmless for the nature. Of course you cannot expect the same results as within a chemical detergent solutions, as they are not based on so many aggressive substances. If you per-treat the dirty patches on the cloths with hydrogen peroxide, the greasy stains with clay or alcohol, we can achieve satisfactory results and most importantly – a completely safe one.
  • Soap, backing soda and borax – the main washing ingredient in this combination is of course the soap, and the soda and borax are only enhancing its effects, by removing fat, optical whitening and softening your laundry. The final outcome is not worst than the one achieved by the washing detergents and in some cases it is even better. If you would like to your laundry to smell fresh, you can add 5 to 10 drops of essential oil instead of fabric softener.
  • Washing ball is actually a plastic spear, that must be put directly into the washing machine drum and could be used for up to 1000 washes (depending on the brand). How does it work? The ingredient of the ball ionizes the water and in this way lowers its surface resistance and removes the grime and dirt form the fabrics. It might sound weird, but the washing balls are sufficient for a proper cloth washing and they are having the same effect, as within using soaps and other detergents.