Cleaning and maintaining your shoes

No matter how well dressed up you are, if your shoes are dirty, this will spoil your general performance. Not to mention, that the proper care prolongs the life of your shoes and so no matter where you go and no matter what you do, the clean shoes are simply a must!

Cleaning of textile shoes

The shoes made of white textile are perfect for the summer, however we all know that every single spot is ruin their look. This is why most of the housewife would wash them in the washing machine together with the rest of the laundry, but once they took them out it turns out that the shoes are completely ruin.

Of course as the washing machine would not help, there are also other ways this to be sorted out. First you should wait for the grime to dry out completely and then you should clean it with a slightly wet cloth. Then you should wet the dirty shoes with cool water. Then with the usage of a tooth brush apply a delicate detergent to scrub the grimy areas.

If the inside of the shoes is smelly, you can wash you it with some backing soda. If you would like the soles to look white as well, you should put some bleach and scrub the soles with a toothbrush.

Cleaning of leather shoes

First you must clean the shoes with dry towel and water solution of soap. If there are white marks on the shoes, you can remove those with solution of warm water and a soup spoon of vinegar. If within the time, kept on the bottom of a drawer your shoes have gotten mouldy, then you can remove the staining with a water and alcohol mix solution.

Once you leather shoes are clean, you should per-treat them with water resistant dye in order to prolong their life and keep them look good longer.

Suede or velour

The shoes made of suede or velour need special care in order to keep them clean and looking good longer. Best thing to do is to use professional detergents for such material, but if you don’t have such handy, there are some domestic products that might also help. First thing you should know is that the shoes made of suede/ velour must be cleaned with special brush, not with cloth or a towel. Actually in most of the cases, it is only needed to clean them with a brush in order to make them look like brand new. The stains on the suede can be removed with an eraser. Extremely important for the suede shoes is to be per-treated with detergents, protecting them form the humid, in order you to have the piece of mind that your feet will be protected, no matter what the clime conditions would be.

Sneakers/ Trainers

Sincerely said, the trainers are meant not to look perfectly clean. However, keeping your trainers in a good condition will prolong their life and this fact is not neglect able, having in mind the costs for buying a good quality shoes.

In order to clean your trainers, you should wash them with warm water and scrub them with soap. Use a toothbrush in order to get rid of all staining and dirty patches. Rinse the trainers, put some paper inside and let them dry. If you have white tennis shoes, you can also apply white dye on them once they are washed, in order to make them look shinier.